As a follow-up to the original Teach-In we will be collecting, analyzing and organizing policy solutions to a range of pressing challenges: the economy, job creation, income and wealth inequality, the federal deficit/debt, campaign finance reform, etc. Our intention is to create and provide a great resource, not just for understanding what went wrong and continues to go wrong, but how we might fix things.

We are assembling two teams to take on this effort. The first team will work to collect and assemble various proposed solutions — whether from speakers at the Teach-In or our Open Classroom Series, from participants, and from general research for solutions. As we collect these solutions, we will also seek to include who are the main proponents and endorsers of each solution and who constitutes the main opposition. Along those lines, we’ll seek to present, as objectively as we can, the arguments for and against each idea.

The second team will be made up of some of our core faculty as well as additional individuals from outside the university to help with the analysis and vetting of the policy solutions.

Be sure to check back regularly to see our progress on this effort. We hope that ultimately it will help to inform everyday citizens as well as elected officials and candidates about effective and much needed policy remedies.

If you would like to volunteer in this effort, please fill out the form below.

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