Current Projects

The following are research projects at the Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research at Northeastern University.

Regional Community Policing Institute

An ongoing training and curriculum development program which provides law enforcement personnel and managers with information on ethics and integrity in policing.

Funded by Boston Police Department, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, United States Department of Justice

Project Safe Neighborhoods

A research strategy designed to help the Project Safe Neighborhood (PSN) Task Force and PSN target cities focus their resources and identify viable intervention strategies to reduce gun crime. Data on illegal firearm supply and demand information is collected and analyzed to provide agencies with information to inform local firearm interdiction strategies.

Funded by United States Department of Justice

METRO-LEC: Administrative and Operational Assessment Study

Assessment of the administrative and operational functioning of the Regional Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council to help determine the benefits and potential drawbacks of this type of inter-agency collaboration. The project seeks to outline the Council’s capacities and needs among participating agencies, identify strengths and weaknesses, and build a process of transferring learning among agencies, thereby strengthening them all. By building a systematic framework for understanding the needs of member organizations it is anticipated that more systematic personnel development and operational policy making can be initiated under the umbrella of the METRO LEC.

Funded by Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council

School Resource Officer Program Assessment

The Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research and Abt Associates Inc. recently released the findings from the National Assessment of School Resource Officer Programs. The national study of programs to place police officers in local schools was sponsored by the National Institute of Justice.

CASASTART of Massachusetts Evaluation

Jack McDevitt, Amy Farrell, Kate Chamberlain The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services has implemented an intense prevention and intervention program for high-risk youths, ages 8-13, and their families in five communities around the state. CASASTART (Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Striving Together to Achieve Rewarding Tomorrows) is designed to lower the risk of substance abuse and delinquency, while increasing school performance and family functioning. Researchers at the Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research have been designated as the independent evaluators for this program. As part of this evaluation, researchers will reach out to the five selected communities, complete an initial assessment, and define the characteristics unique to each community. Once goals are defined and operationalized, researchers will distribute surveys and conduct interviews and focus groups to gather both quantitative and qualitative data on the youths and their families participating in CASASTART. This evaluation will also examine inter agency cooperation among service providers, in their efforts to decrease the risk of youths and their families. Finally, this evaluation will offer suggestions for “best practices” that will assist each community to further their program under the grant, and be effective for future grant applications.

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